Introductions and such

Hello and all that jazz!

This is an introductory blog post!

This blog is spawned out of a class project for online journalism combined with an independent comic studies project. That being said, it is more than just for a class and should hopefully contain a fair amount of stuff that continues beyond a grade, which will probably make my classmates think I’m an idiot. Ouch.

I am a mass media major, comic studies minor, with a focus on magazine writing for my major and basically everything for my minor. I am particularly interested in the realm of comic journalism, but independent comics, superhero comics, nonfiction comics…it’s all pretty cool if you ask me.

I became interested in comics the same way most of the millenials did–through 90s cartoons. From there, my interest kind of faded away for a while because I was 40 miles from a comic book store with shitty dialup internet, no nerdy friends, and a complete lack of funds. In college, friends reminded me that comics were a totally cool thing. Eventually, I took [The Psychology of] Batman with Dr. Travis Langley, THE guy to talk about Psych of Batman and signed up for the comic studies minor that conveniently opened up at my college, Henderson State University, right around that time. I went to San Diego Comic Con 2015 as a backup presenter for the Comics Arts Conference–my research didn’t make it but I still got to go to Comic Con, almost for free. Rad.

This year, I am resubmitting research to the CAC on a much more empirical, relevant, and broad interest topic and I have to say I’m pretty optimistic. The research has been done under the tutelage of Dr. Langley and Dr. Randy Duncan–an emminent comics scholar, co-founder of the Comics Arts Conference, and professor with the best laugh on the planet. (It’s the best.) But, more on that–the project, not the laugh–in another post.

When I told my mom I was going to SDCC–a lofty dream I had previously put on a shelf as “never going to happen ever”–she said “Ashley, I can’t believe you legitimized your weird hobby to get you things in the real world.” Look, ma, still doing it!

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