Body positivity

More on body positivity…

This is just a quick blurb, to link an article that has already said what I would like to about body positivity in comics.

If you caught my post about Faith the other day, you’ll know she’s a fat (and I mean that positively) girl getting her own comic where she is not a punchline nor an ad for acceptance-through-weight-loss.

In poking around the internet like one does, I found an article on Comic Book Resources by Casey Gilly that lists a few more body positive mainstream comics, for those who might be interested.

Here’s the article and here are some of the selections from it:

PowerUp 001 A Main

Amie from “Power Up” (BOOM! Studios)

by Kate Leth and Matt Cummings

rat queens by johnnyrocwell

Violet and Dee from “Rat Queens” (Image Comics)
by Kurtis Wiebe and Tess Fowler

(shipped and on its way to me, to be read asap)

tumblr ngolc1fR7C1qzs4i4o8 500

Penny Rolle from “Bitch Planet” (Image Comics)
by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro

(a new purchase of mine that I am loving beyond words)

Other notable mentions:
“This One Summer” by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki (First Second); “Zodiac Starforce” by Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau (Dark Horse Comics); “Jem and the Holograms” by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell (IDW Publishing); and “Steven Universe” created by Rebecca Sugar (Cartoon Network, comic published by BOOM! Studios).

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