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Cool collections of cool things: Zines edition

What a catchy title, eh?

I love compendiums. I love compilations. I love collections and completed works and anthologies and a-whole-lot-of-stuff-by-people in one place.

I also love poetry, art, and short stories/prose.

Thus, zines are the best thing ever.

Here’s a post with a collection of some neat places to find zines, the super duper pocket sized cute and often sassy or socially conscious magazines made by cool people, for cool people, costing the change and lint in your pocket.

  • Everything Was Zines and Nothing Hurt, which not only compiles people’s posts about their contributions to various zines (so a neat blog of poetry and art) but also where to buy said zines. I’ll be honest, discovering this blog is what inspired this post.
  •, a nonprofit internet library for…well, everything, zines included. Seriously. Just scrolling through their suggested categories, you have everything from 10,000 live shows of the Grateful Dead to speed runs of video games to medical journals to old time radio broadcast archives. (Here, I even searched ‘zines’ for you.)
  • We Make Zines, social media for people who, yeah, make zines.
  • Zine Wiki, a comprehensive wiki for zines!
  • Zine World, “a reader’s guide to the underground press.”
  • Broken Pencil, a magazine about zines. Meta.
  • The Poopsheet, which is a collection of the history of mini-comics through zines. (See, I made this post about comics somehow! Also, poop. Hehe.)
  • The Book of Zines: Reviews! Collections! Donations! Tips to make your own! Recommendations! Where to buy! History! Discussions! And moooore!
  • Paper Cut Zine Library, a collection of zines, place to get tips and workshops, as well as a place for people who make them.
  • Back Pocket Zines, just one of many many zine distributors you can check out. (Pioneers Press is another one I’ve been eyeballing recently, though there are literally thousands out there.)

There are even tons of archives of niche zines through the ages, from times when fan made magazines were how subcultures talked to each other and got the word out.

I literally could go on linking zine resources online all night but you get the idea. If independent publishing, cute books, sassy social justice crusaders, art, angst, poetry, and homemade things are your deal, consider zines!

One thought on “Cool collections of cool things: Zines edition

  1. I definitely have an appreciation for old fansites (1999 is a lovely vintage. Disclaimers and frames, mmm) and now I’ve got links to a heap Zines too! I’m really excited that not only can I buy some of these some have download links as well.


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