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Escher Girl Challenge: Let’s try it ourselves!

I’ve talked about the Escher Girl challenge before but Buzzfeed beat me to the punch on doing anything as crazy as trying the poses myself. They had staff try the poses, report the results, then photoshop the pics to make them look like the pictures.

There’s a video and an interactive slide feature to compare the real photo to the photoshopped close-to-comic-book result.

two before-two-382x500

and after photoshop:


one  before-1-350x500

and after photoshop:


Check out the original post for comparison and more info.

6 thoughts on “Escher Girl Challenge: Let’s try it ourselves!

  1. My goodness! I had seen the original post before but even so looking at it a second time still gives me a good chuckle. I may be pretty bad at drawing anatomy but never so thoroughly and disturbingly butt related.


  2. They were staff writers who volunteered 🙂 the point is to show how silly and impossible they are. If you watch the video, you can see they’re all laughing and excited to play along.


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