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I can now say I have been accepted to present my research at Comic Con International in San Diego this summer!

Last year I went as a stand-in, in case someone else could’t present, but this time I get to go and definitely present. I’m still waiting to hear back about what type of presentation–poster or oral/panel–but either works for me.

For those reading who haven’t heard much about my research, that’s because I’m trying to keep it a bit under wraps until I get it done and published–something tells me that’s the smart thing to do in the academic world. I have plenty to say about it, though, academically and as a person learning while researching, The research gathering should be done today however, and that itself is enough to make me cheer. It’s been a lot of long, long days working on it and I’m proud to be able to present it because I really think it’s important data with an important message.

On a personal note, now I need to start figuring out my cosplay. Last year I didn’t have as much heads up and time as I’d have liked and I went with a pretty easy cosplay. This year I’d like to step it up. Got any suggestions? I’d love to hear them! I’d like to not wear a wig if possible, though.

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