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An Artist a Week: Christian Ward

christian ward kiss

Week 11: Christian Ward
“The Kiss”

Find his portolios on his website.

Christian Ward caught my eye only a few days ago with the cover of his book with Matt Fraction, ODY-C (a genderbent, psychadelic, scifi take on Homer’s Odyssey). I haven’t bought that yet but I will very very soon and in the meantime I can marvel over Christian’s other works.


Looking at his porfolio, I’m absolutely fucking stunned. The amount of layering and the many many levels of contrast, detail, EXPLOSIONS of color, and spectacular linework just blow my mind.

christian 3
He blends traditional and digital art in such a neat way, flirting with symmetry, adding in cubism and geometric shapes and this amazing mix of vector art ad almost a graffiti-like take on things. And did I mention the color?

christian 2
Aside from all the neat things he adds on top/behind/around/through his figures, Christian is also just a really masterful artist of the human form. Combine that with a hugely clever grasp of the comic page and how to use the form and I’m in love with this man’s art.

christian 1

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