Escher Girl Challenge

Escher Girls: A mixed bag of scoliosis

Sorry it’s been a bit since I posted more fabulously illogical poses for women but hey, you can get your fix now.

First of all, poor Psylocke, AGAIN. Her unknown superpower is having the spine of an al dente noodle, with legs to match.


Next, Spider-Woman. Because that’s DEFINITELY how clothes fit. (And if they did fit that way, why would you wear them? That’s the worst wedgie I’ve literally ever seen. Plus, you know, BOOB SUFFOCATION.)


And this LOVELY number, in which Emma Frost’s neck literally connects to her butt. Seriously, try to figure this one out.


And finally (for today at least), this cover. “We need a picture of Mary Jane, looking worried about Peter. Okay, no, her shirt isn’t low enough. Now balloon her boobs. Good, now completely remove her waist to smaller than a Barbie doll’s. Now put her in this REALLY UNCOMFORTABLE POSITION TO BE SITTING ON A COUCH. Now have her look out the window wistfully. Yes, great. Now no one will doubt she’s the arm candy girlfriend.”


One thought on “Escher Girls: A mixed bag of scoliosis

  1. I thought that the Emma Frost drawing may have just been an error, I mean seriously where is her torso? or is that small patch of skin between her neck and pants supposed to be it?


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