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An Artist a Week: Anastasia Marston

ana 3Week 12: Anastasia Marston

Sal/JHL at the lake in Ripton Falls (2015)

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The artist this week is not a well-known comic artist I found on twitter. Instead, she is a woman I am fortunate enough to know personally and follow on a daily basis. I even have a couple commissions of myself (kind of) from her.

lil 12030245_982921291772223_3896963246854336145_o

They’re commissions of my larp character, Lil, rather. They both give a pretty great grasp of why I love Anastasia’s art, however.

a) if you know me (or Lil), it’s a pretty loyal rendition of my character’s likeness

b) the emotion in the face, even in the cartoonish chibi on the left, is so raw and real.

Anastasia is masterful at capturing the depth of human emotion. 99% of the work she posts is of OCs (original characters), either in larp or writing/forums. This means each character is even more important, to her or the person who commissioned a work from her, and she treats each one with the depth of a real person laughing, suffering, loving, growing, and evolving.

ana 1

Most of her work is digital, though following her social media  does give the occasional sketch on a post-it or index card.

ana 5

She does a range of levels of art, from cute chibis and black and white sketches (like my two commissions) to full color portraits (like the third image), group shots, and fully composed pieces like the one at the very top.

ana 4

There is something immensely touching felt every time a new piece from her shows up. Maybe it’s because I usually know the characters she is posting images of, but I think that the emotion is pretty tangible even to those who have not met the characters involved.

The depth and realism she pieces into each “fake” character is really inspiring and loyal and beautiful. She’s also incredibly skilled at drawing anatomy, attention to detail, and scene composition. It’s a pleasure experiencing her work.

ana 6ana 2

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