Escher Girl Challenge

Escher Girls: Catwoman


I found this amazing article of assorted artists making fun of the above cover, so I felt inspired to delve a little further into Selina’s chiropractic nightmare.

There was, of course, the controversy at Catwoman’s introduction to the New 52 lineup, including our sex kitten frolicking literally in her lingerie. Because why draw a catsuit half-zipped when you can just have her not properly wear it altogether?


But though poor Selina may be pretty malnourished and underdressed in that case, it’s not as bad as some other poses of hers you can find.

Batman: Hush may be a great collection but…



(That second one may not look that impossible but I just tried it and I can assure you, that’s not happening. Though, to be fair, Huntress isn’t much better in this panel.)

We can’t just blame the black catsuit either:



But really, nothing about these seems logical.


(I think they should set their differences aside until both get to the doctor.)


That last one is so bad I can’t even look at it without hurting, so I think you get the picture.

One thought on “Escher Girls: Catwoman

  1. I can’t help but see that last one as “I drew a bunch of alluring separate parts now I just gotta slam these pieces together lol sexy”. It looks like just a jumble of floating parts.

    I am just so fascinated by these. Electra (I think) looks like she was apparently aiming to stab Catwoman in the ass? Drawing attention to all these “finely crafted” glutes has other hilarious consequences.


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