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An Artist a Week: Elizabeth Beals

jenny everywhere

Week 13: Elizabeth Beals
“Jenny Everywhere Day 2015” (2015)

Find her on Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart, or her website. Art available in her store or through her collaborations and projects such as Square Carousel.

I first discovered Elizabeth through her Sketchuary posts on Twitter and fell madly in love with the elfish angel waif doodles she was whipping up daily.

the sleep elizabeth bealseb 1

However, she does more than just pencil line sketches. Her digitally colored art is also incredibly vivid and rich. Her use of light and both subtle and deep colors is so easy on the eyes!


In all of Elizabeth’s pieces, however, there is undeniable movement and rhythm that flows beautifully (especially in the hair!). There’s definite art nouveau stylings throughout, something that I will always adore.

In addition to her own creations, she’s got some great fan art (like Sailor Moon above), often paying homage to others in the comic universe, including some of my favorites.




Finally, she takes commissions, often drawing portraits of real life people that are touching, realistic, recognizable, but still artistically unique.




3 thoughts on “An Artist a Week: Elizabeth Beals

  1. Really wonderful! The faces are absolutely gorgeous, the level of detail that goes into them is amazing. She’s got some inspiring skill at skin, I can only imagine how many layers are in these digital pieces.


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