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An Artist a Week: Lindsey “Ohrinjii”

Week 14: Lindsey “Ohrinjii”
“Alacrity” (2015)
Ohrinjii (actually Lindsey, an artist living in Japan with little personal information on her Tumblr and Instagram) is a watercolor artist whose works all share the same coy and calm facial expressions of traditional Japanese art. She gives these faces to strange, often winged or plantlike creatures living in dreamlike landscapes.
There is a fairy-like feeling to many of her creatures, who are all mostly genderless and nature-based. It’s hard to not feel breathless staring at the works, which for the most part lack hard outlines, instead being shaped only by how water seeps into the paper.
For the most part, she says she only uses water to control the shapes of lines, and often will lay down color then doodle over the top of whatever shape forms.
She also does the occasional doodle of plants.
Unfortunately, she is not the most active updater of her tumblr (presumably because she’s busy being a schoolteacher) and though she has talked about prints being available, nothing is in the works just yet. Follow her on social media to keep up with her work.

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