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An Artist a Week: Maruti Bitamin (“Koyamori”)

Week 15: Maruti Bitamin


Maruti, also known as Koyamori, is a stunningly talented watercolor/ink artist currently living in Canada whose art reflects a dreamy, nostalgic feeling as well as inspiration from her birthplace of China.

You can find Koyamori on her tumblr, twitter, instagram,  deviantart, or store (which is normally immensely well-stocked but is closed for now while she travels.)


By far the most difficult part of this post was picking a (relatively) small portion of her work to spotlight. She abandoned the path to be a teacher in order to further pursue her art and is a very active poster of her pieces, which are literally all beautiful enough to be a feature picture on this post.

Koyamori uses primarily watercolor and ink washes for her work, illustrating serene-faced women, androgynous creatures, and intricate little scenes with Miyazaki-Kodoma-esque spirits living in little fairy worlds.




She sells many prints, shirts, posters etc. as well as sticker sheets of some of her sillier doodles.


Many of her characters represent a close relationship with nature, curling around animals or sporting moth or butterfly wings and flowers in their hair. She has said she likes to evoke simple feelings of nostalgia, peacefulness, and coexistence with nature.


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I think I prefer to let her art speak for itself and leave it at my being breathless at the intricacy, precision, delicacy, sweetness, vibrancy, and immersive beauty of her pieces. Her transitions between different colors are so subtle and delicate and the character designs she creates are nothing short of spectacular and the moods they evoke leave me melancholy, wistful, happy, and dazed all at once. Truly amazing.





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