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An Artist a Week: “Nanomortis”

Week 16: “Nanomortis”
“Her True Colors” (2015)

Find them on Deviantart.

A lot of Nanomortis’s artwork is less soft and sweet than much of what I’ve written so far this year, and that’s all right. There’s traces of Bloodborne‘s tentacles of darkness and Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas as well as anime styles not unlike Soul Eater, Tokyo Ghoul, Deadman Wonderland, or even some of the most disturbing scenes from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


The color schemes vary, sometimes in harsh reds and blacks and sometimes in soft pastel blues and pinks. The style varies as well–sometimes angsty, like papercraft cut in jagged lines with a razor and sometimes whimsical and gentle, lightly brushed onto the screen.

Often, there is the sense of something coiled, lurking. It reappears in many of their pieces (much as fish do, it seems), as a ribbon or clouds or unruly hair or the darkness that surrounds a figure.

There is always, however, a sense of otherworldliness and escape that is maybe the truer connection between all of the artists I choose for this feature. Nanomortis also publishes short stories, often wordless or mostly wordless, that are beautiful and hopeful, tragic and poignant all at once.

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