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An Artist a Week: Audrey Kawasaki

Week 19: Audrey Kawasaki
“It Was You” (2014)

Find her on her website, InstagramFacebook, blog, Twitter, Artsy, or Thinkspace gallery.

Kawasaki’s website describes her art as “paintings of women on wood with a consistent, distinctive style” and some might say consistent is boring but it’s hard to not be a little spellbound by these women and spellbound is never boring. She lovingly melds her female subjects with the sweeping wood grains of the panels underneath, adding a new layer of complexity and intrigue.

Most of her works feature extremely pale, waif-like women but Kawasaki has said she is thinking of branching out.

Despite her website description, Kawasaki works outside of just wood paintings.

She has worked with various charities and nonprofits, including making ornaments for the relief efforts for Japanese earthquakes and tsunamis.

She recently did a mural for Pow! Wow! Hawaii, an endeavor that took 65 hours. It wasn’t her first mural, but it was one of her largest undertakings to date.

In all of her works. Kawasaki’s subjects are sensual and erotic as well as innocent, darling and dainty as well as otherworldly and slightly unnerving. There is an unmistakable influence of the curls and swirls of Art Nouveau, something that we all know I adore. Her pastels and mysterious women continue to sweep me away.

Some of the images below this point are NSFW, so scroll at your own risk.

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