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Comics I can’t wait for: Summer edition

There are so many great things coming out that bear writing about that I thought I would do a quick compilation, for my own wishlist as well as your viewing pleasure.

May, June, and July seem to be when a lot of comic companies put out trade paperbacks (TPs), so with that in mind:

Scorch, Volume 1 (Reprinted/Updated)


So maybe this shouldn’t be on the list since it is technically already out, but I just discovered it and I think it should be mentioned. Scorch is a demon living in the body of a 10th grade girl, trying to pay off a debt of 10,000 souls while a monster in her closet carefully watches over her. It looks super cute and this second, updated version just came out a few days ago so…there you go! (By the way, the series kicked ass on Kickstarter.)

(Buy it here.)

Spider-Gwen Volume 1: Greater Power (May 24)


Ohhhh boy. If there was ever a character I had a crush on, it’d be Spider-Gwen (aka Spider-Woman aka Earth 66’s Gwen Stacy, that is). In this reality, she is the one bitten by the radioactive spider and she is the hero. Of course, at first she’s just a drummer for The Mary Janes, her band. She ends up deciding to become a hero eventually–in a super badass color scheme for her costume, though she’s still drumming and still generally awesome outside of being a hero. Seriously, I’m in love. May they never return to old continuity where she was just WiR fodder.

(Preorder it here.)

Zodiac Starforce Volume 1: By the Power of Astra (May 31)


I’ve been following Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau on twitter for a while, watching them lovingly tease ZF with the knowledge that I should just be patient, wait for the tradeback, because I was too far away from a comic book store to get each issue and adding shipping on top of each price was dumb when my patience would just get rewarded later with a lovely volume instead.

The time is almost upon me and I’m so excited. ZF follows a group of high school girls–with the CUTEST character designs–as they fight the powers of eeevil in an American magical girl twist. It’s seriously the cutest thing and waiting to read it has killed me slowly.

(Preorder it here.)


The Mighty Thor, Volume 1: Thunder in her Veins (June 7)

Listen, if you didn’t hear the news a couple years ago, Thor is now a girl. Or, rather, the old Thor is no longer able to wield his hammer, but you know who can? Dr. Jane Foster, who is currently the God(dess) of Thunder as well as battling cancer, trying to figure out if she can trust Loki, and generally being an incredible badass. Bonus: series writer Jason Aaron, who continues  his run here, collecting 1-5 of this new section of the saga, made sure to emphasize: “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe.”

Fuck. yes.

(Preorder it here.)

Silk, Volume 1: Sinister (also June 7)


Marvel just keeps stepping it up and impressing me with badass women who may be similar to men but are more than just copies or she-versions. Silk–aka Cindy Moon, who got bit by the same spider as Peter Parker, is on a mission to figure out who she is and find the rest of her family. It’s taking her down a darker path than she might have expected, though, and volume 1 teases that maybe there’s no going back for her. It’s another one on the list I haven’t got to read yet, so you bet I’m excited.

(Preorder it here.)

Sex Criminals, Volume 3: Three the Hard Way (June 21)


If you hadn’t heard of Sex Criminals yet, I’m really sorry to tell you but you’ve been unknowingly suffering. This third volume continues the saga of Jon and Suzie as they battle the other people they’ve found who can enter The Quiet (the place you go where you orgasm and time freezes…you know, that one) and want to regulate the whole thing. Trust people to take the fun out of sex no matter what, am  I right? I’ve been waiting for this TP to come out because I already had the other two and the collection looks nice on a shelf and starts some great conversations, so I’m eager to follow up where we last left off.

(Preorder it here.)


Lumberjanes, Volume 4: Out of Time (July 12)


This monochromatic color can’t dampen my enthusiasm about these hardcore lady-types. If you haven’t read any Lumberjanes, I feel like you’re missing a part of yourself that could be so much happier, fulfilled, and inspired. Noelle Stevenson is a pro and I’ve never been more proud, watching her finish Nimona as a webcomic (then book) and jump into this world of girl scouts, monsters, mythology, and friendship.

(Preorder it here.)

Pretty Deadly, Volume 2: The Bear (July 20)


Kelly Sue Deconnick, Emma Rios, and Jordie Bellaire are astounding beyond words. The story of Pretty Deadly–whose second arc I specifically have waited to read until this tradeback comes out–follows Death in a manga-esque, colorful, mythical, surreal smoke dream, full of multilayered storytelling that you can expect from Deconnick led by the masterful art and color of Rios and Bellaire. Seriously, I’m stoked.

(Preorder it here.)

Finally, far off in the far, far distant future of August, the ODY-C Coloring Book.


Now, I’m not going to play hipster here–I’m as much of a sucker for adult coloring books as every other schmuck falling into the trend. Matt Fraction and Christian Ward have got me wrapped around their lucrative fingers on this one. I’ve written about Ward before, so if you don’t understand why I’m so excited about this coloring book, just go look at that. The man’s art is a dream and I’m going to color the fuck out of this book and hang the pictures everywhere.


(Preorder it here.)

What’s got you excited?

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