comic studies · Feminism

Vintage feminism, my not-at-all-guilty pleasure

This is just a fun little post because I’ve dived into the world of comic scholars on tumblr (follow me!) and it’s reminded me  (as if I could ever forget) how much I love vintage feminist comics. Wonder Woman wasn’t the only gal out there standing up for herself in the fight!

wow yestumblr_nfjao63iOi1s55cwyo1_540

830203e4837f169d1230824686edd6f60369f4c1dced8026516164a73f499ff406fc554544a330dfdc81fa1b2d23a844 b9c95a9786aa3285aee2b9a2dd556d14fc22900215fb6885c2316ec1a6f63102

f8bc57c05e58942a789c75fb5f3f73fc a1860b9daaef03d50babb298ea0df618f1a57c7ca7c60f28f12694c9224be6e7 c9a05f77ba5fd8a13d97fe59adb53c91

Just fabulous.


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