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An Artist a Week: Gabriel Picolo


Week 20: Gabriel Picolo
“#280: Atlas”(2014)

Find him on Facebook, Deviantart, Behance, Patreon, and Instagram.

(Sorry this is late, I was busy graduating college last Friday.)

(At this point I’m going to stop saying how hard it is to pick a featured image for these artists but…MAN this was hard to pick.)

You’ve probably heard of (or at least seen the work of) Gabriel Picolo before. He’s a Brazilian artist best known for starting the 365 Days of Doodles Project with his intricate ink doodles in a small moleskin notebook.


You might also know him for his short comic about the Stages of Grief…


who are actually part of a bigger comic series about a love story between Icarus and the Sun.

Gabriel works in a variety of different mediums, and it’s clear that he’s incredibly adept at them all. For an artist in his lower 20s, he’s gained an incredible following already and churns out art at a pretty inspiring (and mind-boggling) rate.

Blizzard even commissioned him to illustrate Winston for their new game Overwatch:


Many of his pieces are fanart or reimaginings of beloved characters from comics, video games, and 90s-2000s television, which is a pretty good guess as to why he’s so popular: nostalgia.



(Find all of his nostalgia series here.)

Perhaps some of his most incredible works–and ones I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen more of–are his Harry Potter pieces.


Of course, even great artists like Gabriel have to do a lot of practicing mundane things…


(By the way, donating to his Patreon gets you step by step images of his drawings, sketches, and all the tools he uses. I’m not sponsored by him or anything, I just think that’s an especially neat thing to see.)

Gabriel even has a list of tutorials on his Deviantart, to help inspire other artists.


In every one of his works, I continue to be astounded by the way he uses the page itself to expand the narrative and increase the impact. It doesn’t matter if it is vivid color, muted monochrome, pencil, or ink–his mastery of the page is something I will always marvel at. It’s the kind of thing that makes me hope one day he embarks on illustrating a comic or two, because those are the kind of visuals that carry the reader away.



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