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An Artist a Week: Agnes Cecile

cecile this thing called art is really dangerous

Week 21: “Agnes Cecile” (Silvia Pelissero)
“This Thing Called Art is Really Dangerous” (2012)

Find her on DeviantartFacebook, Tumblr, Youtube, or her shops (Society 6, Big Cartel, Eyes on Walls).

Agnes Cecile is an Italian artist whose artworks in watercolor, ink, oil, acrylic, and varnish bridge the gap between portrait and thought-provoking abstracts. She is self-taught and says the realism serves as an anchor to the abstract as a way to appeal to all types of people.

Often, her images look like the portrait is bleeding off the page, or maybe more romantically being washed away like rain on a windowpane.

cecile 8

cecile ink 2

The color schemes of her pieces vary, but typically are more wisp-like pastels that fade off gently.

cecile 11cecile 12






cecile dragonfly on moleskin

When she deviates from watercolors into the realm of ink and varnish washes is when her art takes a less whimsical turn, vaguely reminiscent of Stephen Gammel’s work in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark mixed with a Jackson Pollock.

cecile 16cecile 15cecile 14cecile 13

Regardless of the medium, however, all of her works hold a consistent theme of unmistakable emotion. She has said that her art works as a sort of diary for emotions and it’s impossible to miss this in the faraway eyes, parted lips, and dynamic color palettes.

cecile2 cecile1

cecile ink

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