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An Artist a Week: Joelle Murray


Week 24: Joelle Murray

Find her on Instagram, Dribbble, Upwork, Society6, or her blog.

Joelle Murray is an animator and designer who says character design is her favorite thing to do. She’s got a very precious style, cutesy and full of good feelings perfect for kid’s shows or animated film. She has a completely diverse cast of character to offer, which is one of the things that makes her style so endearing, as does the life each character breathes.

p8img_2758 jewelery-ueg-prints

Of course, good artists are good at a variety of styles, themes, and ways to create. Murray’s certainly not lacking in the skills needed to create scenery and landscapes.



Depending on the occasion, Murray can create mystery, whimsy, attitude, fashion, longing, comedy, or nostalgia with her variations of style, line, color, and inspiration.

cat-jacket-prints nails-0jt-prints


Plus, it’s just super cool to look at character design, isn’t it?




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