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An Artist a Week: “Princess M”


Week 25: “Princess M”
“Collapsing Structures”

Find her on her website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Etsy.

If it hadn’t become abundantly clear by now, I love bright colors, especially of the watercolor/smoke-and-wisps variety. You will also come to realize in the coming weeks that I love surrealism as well.

This is why pop surrealism–and artists like Princess M–make my artistic heart sing.

Princess M–Mia–is a creative creature inspired by tattoos, street art, and anime. The piece I chose to feature, “Collapsing Structures,” reminds me of trash polka–a fairly new tattoo style that originated in Germany.

Often, her art plays with negative space to create pieces that at first seem abstract but in fact hold a different image, like the optical illusions where you can see two different things depending on how you look.

12512307_741590179275883_6252306658444498483_n il_570xn-505035341_2vqm

She has also played with sugar skulls and Day of the Dead motifs, and her older stuff tends to look similar to stained glass–or, rather, the painted stained glass plastic projects of my childhood.


12038441_697365390365029_4711895447636908101_n 12247046_711545325613702_3250699857630687125_n

She also has done animal portraits, and seems especially fond of birds.

10461445_642799159154986_3388185691705068370_n 11203279_642799149154987_8892964280976072002_n11018105_631798636921705_5823994123289012414_n 11150429_642799152488320_7826314075424073062_n

If there’s one thing beyond art that Mia is apparently great at, it’s finding a way to monetize her talent–the dream, right? She sells phone and laptop cases, prints, buttons, and even runs a website offering classes, workshops, and private tutoring to fellow artists.

Mia says she uses watercolor and ink because of the yin and yang function in them, and that she forms ideas around an emotion she wants to express. Looking at her pieces, dripping in curved lines and swathed in color, the emotions can often be ambiguous–the Disney-esque blue songbird above is named “Vengeance.” However, I think this is some of her charm, and what draws a person in–along with the many intricate details coupled with purposeful vagueness, of course.


Not only that, but Mia is still a young artist and her style is constantly growing and expanding, improving from an already impressive starting point to something to rival those much older than her. That’s the kind of inspiration I like to discover and share.

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