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An Artist a Week: Amrit Brar (“Musterni”)


Week 26: Amrit “Musterni” Brar
“Book X: Lovers and Losers – Aquarius”

Check out her website, Tumblr, Redbubble, and Storenvy.

Amrit Brar–also known as Musterni–is an artist probably best known for her Shitty Horoscope series (which will be released as a 190-page anthology, thanks to Kickstarter). They stand as a satire of typical horoscope fair but have taken on a life of their own, sometimes inspirational, often cynical, usually steeped in dead animal imagery.


She is also, however, more than just a horoscope satirist. She also does character design, portraits, and other witty zines (and some pretty ethereal, profound ones, like her Baat Sana saga).


Other than the obvious themes of bones and organs wrapped lovingly in flowers, she also frequently includes bats, moths, the occult, and even nihilistic toast.

Musterni is a queer Punjabi woman who has written about her experiences growing up and includes diverse characters (when she isn’t just drawing bones). She also is very inclusive of LGBT/queer people and the edge in her work lends itself well to marginalized groups and all who are jaded but artsy about it. It plays into my love of subversive, of delicate feminine reflections of death (because who doesn’t love juxtaposition), and a little bit of [dark] magic.

Amrit Brar is creator who speaks to the cynic, the artistic, the biting thorn and alluring draw of dark red lipstick. I intend to get her art as a tattoo (as many have before) but I have much deciding to do before then, during which point I’m sure she will have put out more for me to absorb and draw my own double-edged meaning from.


2 thoughts on “An Artist a Week: Amrit Brar (“Musterni”)

  1. I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to see this, but your review was lovely and I’m honestly flattered that you’ve enjoyed my work so much. Hopefully the stuff I put out in the future lives up to all of this!


    1. I recently got my Shitty Horoscopes book in, and it’s been sitting on the coffee table where at least 10 people have fallen in love with your work over it. I can’t wait to see what your future holds!


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