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An Artist a Week: “HR-FM”

Week 27: “HR-FM” “K2” (2015) Find him on his website, Deviantart, Twitter, Eyes on Walls, or through his agent Dig Me Out. Japanese artist “HR-FM” is a digital print maker who creates for the motto “the fossil which future people may dig.” In this, he creates intricately-detailed, brightly-colored large scale prints, often involving cityscapes. His work…… Continue reading An Artist a Week: “HR-FM”

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Comix Creator Feature: Mehitabel “Mattie” Glenhaber

I am a self-published cartoonist and student of Comparative Media Studies at MIT. I hail from the Boston area (specifically, my true hippie/hipster homeland Somerville.) I make all sorts of comics ranging from horror to absurdist sci-fi and surreal memoirs, and I get really excited about weird formats for print comics (choose your own adventure…… Continue reading Comix Creator Feature: Mehitabel “Mattie” Glenhaber

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More queer comics! (And a few other neat things)

Listen. I’m madly in love with the wide variety of anthologies featuring queer creators and comics I’m finding. I’ve found a few more, and a few other neat things outside the sphere of ‘normal’ comics. More queer anthologies (read part one here): The Other Side: A queer paranormal comics anthology Oath: an anthology of queer…… Continue reading More queer comics! (And a few other neat things)