San Diego Comic Con (Part 3?) – Art dump

(Read part 1 / part 2)

This post is much less thought-provoking and intense than the other two; I just wanted to show off the sweet art I got at SDCC!

My phone camera does not do any of this justice, sadly.


(Signed David Mack print, signed Spell on Wheels print ft. Kate Leth, Megan Levans, Marissa Louise, my badge and name tag, a lei from Patricia Tallman from my panel, a little Steven Universe booklet–the Pearl variant!, little print by Crystal Jade-Vaughan)


(Top two: Cody Vrosh, bottom 3: [name lost, I’ll find her card eventually…])


(Top: Sanya Anwar, bottom left: Denis Caron of Corvink, bottom right: Chrissie Zullo)


(Top: [name lost, ugh!], bottom: Claire Hummel)


(Top two rows: Genevieve FT, bottom row ft. my foot: Tyler J. Hutchinson)


(Sara Richard)


(Crystal Jade Vaughan again–this Sailor Moon looks JUST like her!!!)


(Fight Club 2 poster, signed by David Mack)

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