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Comix Creator Feature: Sarah “Neila” Elkins


Sarah ‘Neila’ Elkins, 29, Texas. Worked on Womanthology, Skin Crawling Comics, & tons of uncredited flatting work. Currently working as an artist, inker, & writer.

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What do you do? (Write, draw, edit, publish, promote etc.)
How did you get started doing that?
Write, pencil, ink, color. I work as a freelance inker and have a webcomic.
What was your first comic to create? Why that one? First to read?
First comic I made was a weird mash up of games & shows I liked in highschool that I would tape to my locker in our band hall. It was fun & I needed to show myself I could do it. I’ve been trying to show myself I can make comics again this year after being unable to draw due to an arm injury last year.

I don’t remember which was the first I read but I DO remember seeing an Aliens vs Predator comic when I was about 8 or 9 & thinking “this is so cool!”

Any current or upcoming projects we can find you on?
Currently making a webcomic called Magic Remains.

I just got to ink Issue 13 of Hero Cats which will be out this fall from Action Lab Entertainment.


Favorite inspiration, collaborators, other professionals you’ve worked with if any?
I love the work of Yukito Kishiro‘s. He’s an amazing story teller whose work is full of energy and grit. I loved working with everyone on Womanthology. I’m also inspired daily by all my friends & acquaintances.

Anyone you’d like to collaborate with some day? Why?
I don’t know! Too many people to narrow it down.

Favorite genre to read? To work in? Are there any you won’t work in?
I love reading action. I like cute things and horror. I also love turn-of-the-century stuff, SciFi, & fantasy. I hope to combine all of these in my webcomic.

I am genophobic(fear of sex) so I can’t work on anything that depicts that without having horrible anxiety & panic episodes.


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Have you ever faced adversity/discouragement for being a woman in your field? How did you overcome it?
Usually it’s passive. Someone assumes I only like girly stuff when I’d be way happier drawing a comic full of gnarly mutants fighting robots.

People dismissing my opinion because I’m a woman or discounting my knowledge on a subject.

I try to just keep going. Make things I want to see.

Coolest moment you’ve had as a creator?
When I got to work on Womanthology. That whole experience was awesome! I got to meet so many creators because of it and got to be a guest at an anime convention. That was wild!


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How do you think the current comics industry is toward women? What can we do to improve it further and create a safe space?
I think it is getting better but needs to make way more of an effort to be inclusive of women of color. Tons of women I know are amazing creators & mainstream comics acts like they don’t exist. It’s absolutely horrible for them to be overlooked.

Who are some of your favorite/most inspirational female characters to read? What about in other media (novels, TV, movies, pop culture)? Why?
I love Battle Angel Alita! She kicks ass! Storm was always cool when I was a kid & she was in cartoons.


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What do comics mean to you?
Everything! I felt like shit when I couldn’t make comics.

Advice to other female creators in the field?
Keep moving forward! Kick ass! You can do it!

What are you currently reading?
Stuff about Nikola Tesla. Oh you meant comics? Herald:Lovecraft & Tesla, Not Drunk Enough, & many webcomics I’m blanking on. I’m between jobs & can’t afford to buy much at the moment so lots of web comics.


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