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An Artist a Week: Stjepan Sejic


Week 30: Stjepan Sejic
(Rat Queen doodles)

Find him on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, or Deviantart.


Stjepan Sejic is a Croatian artist most commonly with Image comics and currently working for Top Cow (partnered with Image). He’s married to fellow artist Linda Luksic Sejic.

I discovered Stjepan during his run on Rat Queens, an incredible work tragically beset upon by shitty people behind the scenes. Stjepan was not one of those people and did incredible work. Since, I’ve begun reading and falling in love with his work Sunstone and recently ordered his first volume of Death Vigil.

His work is especially distinct for the linework, which is sketchy with rather thick lines that somehow still look very fluid and cohesive. But even more distinct than that are his faces, which convey a range of emotion I have very rarely seen anywhere else, particularly in comics. In fact, Stjepan Sejic was the first contemporary comic artist I learned to recognize by style when I first started really studying comics.


What is perhaps almost as inspirational as his incredible talent is the philosophy he has for the availability of work. Stjepan makes his work readily available through his Deviantart–all of it–with the trust that if someone likes and supports his work they will put forth the money to buy the books. This philosophy might not be working out very well (recent posts suggest his comics are not selling well enough to be worth the struggles his health issues are giving him) but it speaks volumes about his faith in fans and love for the medium over its monetary value.

His writing in Sunstone is its own beautiful thing to praise, full of rich characters and genuine emotion and clever dialog. (It’s also a super great love story full of lesbian BDSM if that’s your thing. If you want to read it on his Deviantart, know that it’s definitely not safe for work.)

His work features rich color palettes (usually with lots of reds) and a superb understanding of human anatomy and how bodies work together (and I don’t just mean sexually). His character poses seem full of real personality and life that are often overlooked by other comic artists.


His personality as a sweet, joke-loving guy also comes through in his fanart and doodles, pieces of himself he puts up for the world to enjoy.



Also, his characters have the best outfits.


tumblr_nuaxezkacf1s2lswpo1_1280 deathvigil_vol1-1

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