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Sharing the spotlight: Upcoming non-Big-2 Comic-to-TV adaptations

It’s not really any secret that both Marvel and DC are racing to win the small screen audiences. It looks like there are murmurs of OTHER comic companies blooming onto the TV scene too, though! Here are some of them.

Sex Criminals???? A deal signed by Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick to convert some of their comic books to shows for Universal TV, including Sex Criminals from Image (with help of Chip Zdarsky). If you haven’t read Sex Criminals yet, it is full of action, hilarity, surprising emotion, and yeah, sex. This venture will be backed by Fraction and DeConnick’s Milkfed Criminal Masterminds production. Fraction kind of not really confirmed it? At least, he said he’s trying. We’ll see. EEEEEEE.


The Wicked + The Divine also thanks to Fraction and DeConnick. The Wicked + The Divine (by Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillan and Matt Wilson) is a stellar series about gods (of various religions) coming back as pop idol celebrities for a brief but explosive period of time before disappearing again. It’s a rad concept, and though I’ve only read the first few issues it certainly hooked me. McKelvie and Gillen have basically said they COULD be involved? Might be?

Scarlett (which dropped from Marvel’s Image-esque imprint Icon in 2010 and is by Brian Michael Bendis). I’ve not read the comic but now I guess I should go back and start. It’s about a red-headed girl in Oregon who accidentally starts a second American revolution over a corrupt society. The comic series has since completed, and had a pretty irregular-but-short run, but I’m interested. Seems topical. (Of course I’m skeptical for anything Bendis does, because he’s definitely been problematic in the past but it’s worth a shot, right?)


The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way/Gabriel Ba from Dark Horse. Universal is REALLY fucking gunning to get into the TV comic adaptation game, because this is their doing as well. This one was announced last year and we still don’t have tons of news but I’m hopeful. I love everything Gerard Way does, honestly, and I’m not even sorry.

Concrete also by from Dark Horse and being picked up by Universal. Concrete by Paul Chadwick is a pretty solid (pun mildly intended?) story of a guy waking up in a Thing-like concrete body. It’s got huge environmental protection vibes to it that we need more of in today’s media. Will it be live action? Cartoon? We just don’t know. While I don’t know sadly if it would catch on in our current pretty people Hollywood culture I sure wish it would.


Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan (of Saga, which I get dewy-eyed about imagining as a tv show) is a story about, literally, the last man (boy) and his (also last male on earth) monkey navigating the apocalypse. It’s a super well-received comic and it has potential. FX picked this one up, and we got a half-update earlier this year basically saying Vaughan gets his choice of partners to work on the show and that they’re working on it.

Many of these adaptations seem to have the creators closely involved, which is good considering that’s what studios like Image have going for them and it speaks more to the veracity of the replication if you ask me.

For more adaptations than I covered here, look here or here.

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