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An Artist a Week: Lye Lawrence


Week 33: Lye Lawrence
“Love and Marrow” (2014)

Find them on Gumroad, Behance, Storenvy, Twitter, or their website.

Lye is an illustrator, designer, and comic artist from North Carolina. To quote their website, they like drawing “animals, energetic lines, and the occult.” What I particularly love about this artist is the vast diversity in their styles. Their profile is incredibly wide, varied, and that is the kind of inspiration that this project was made for.

lye 7

I just bought digital copies of the last couple years of their sketchbooks and was absolutely blown away by the huge variance in talent in these “doodles.” I’m particularly fond of their linework and style of comics, but there is no shortage of clever design and balance as well as a fluidness in pretty much any medium.

If I were to figure out why I liked their art so much, it would probably be because the many styles their skills encompass are reminiscent of other things I’ve written about for this project. It’s like they’re a grab bag of some of my favorite styles, all from one person.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Their style goes from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark…(these two little spookies are from their collection about the different chakras.)

To Adventure Time/Bee and Puppycat…


To vaguely surreal art like this watercolor-and-coffee piece that I would swear is by Cody Vrosh


To dark-but-colorful a-la Lora Zombie


To some really rad tattoo design work.


They work in everything from acryllics to pencil to digital medium to goache to art markers to india ink. I would love to be able to interview them for my nonbinary comic creators project someday, but for now I’m content to profile them and marvel at their many many skills.


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