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An Artist a Week: Lauren “Iguanamouth” Dawson


Week 34: Lauren “Iguanamouth” Dawson
“Whuckle” (2016)

Find them on their art Tumblr, regular Tumblr, or store.

Iguanamouth is a different type of artist than the ones I normally feature. Is their art beautiful, technically competent, and extremely skilled, as seen in the piece below? Absolutely.


But that’s not why I like them.

I love Iguanamouth’s art because they are silly. They are ingenious in their creativity, clever and funny and unexpected. They are probably most known for their Dragons With Unusual Hoardes series:



And it’s true that their work touches on real themes often; I’ve seen both these pictures floating around unattributed on Facebook for years now.


Their comics are also charming.



But their art involving mashing together animals, creating weird Pokemon, and other silly creations is also wonderful and cheers my soul.

tumblr_inline_od3ui0qnph1qmoaae_500   tumblr_inline_oaflvasqlx1qmoaae_500


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sometimes there’s just something nice about looking at great, silly art.




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