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An Artist a Week: Andy Goldworthy


Week 35: Andy Goldworthy
“Rock of Ages”

Find him on his website, or buy his books on Amazon.

land-art-andy-goldsworthy-9 land-art-andy-goldsworthy-3

Andy Goldworthy is a British artist living in Scotland known for his impermanent natural sculptures as part of the Environmental Art movement. His sculptures are made of ice, leaves, sticks, or other natural items specifically chosen for the fact that time will eventually disrupt and destroy them.

“It’s not about art, he has explained. “It’s just about life and the need to understand that a lot of things in life do not last.”


The art itself is stunning and clever, often leaving me wondering how he achieved such feats, but I also enjoy the concept of taking what already exists and creating art from it. My father, brother, and I often stack rocks while out camping; this delicate balancing act is a moment of zen for us, as well as a pure way to create something with no stake, no permanence, no risk. It’s the same premise as the sand mandalas that will just be swept away soon after, a notion that art is not something that can be saved, kept, held (and along those lines cannot be bought or sold).

land-art-andy-goldsworthy-10 andygoldsworthy-ephemeraworks_p096_custom-da6365246ec513d9ac40587efbd0b4467ee3c779-s900-c85

There’s also a small thrill in imagining coming upon one of these magical pieces in the world, the serendipity of such a sculpture in the middle of the unassuming woods. I would be thrilled if more people learned about his work and were inspired by it, generating copycats who stacked rocks like my family, organized leaves, or organized icicles in circles.


Goldsworthy’s art is an inspiration and my nature-loving soul is soothed by such gorgeous creations. I hope that others who discover his work are reminded of the sheer gorgeousness of nature. This kind of perspective is so refreshing and encourages me to tilt my head and see new angles for things, new ways to be inspired every day.



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