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Monstrous Women in Comics: Modern Webcomic Creators

Recently, I wrote about the history of women in webcomics and a little bit about why they were so revolutionary and empowering. Now I thought I’d gather a list of some good webcomics done by femmes for people to enjoy! Many of these are great testaments to the power of a good story in an uncensored medium, as they have gained wild popularity online and then getting picked up to be published by mainstream comics later.

100 Days, 100 Women (Rori de Rien) (a 100-day project to profile 100 important and incredible women throughout history.)

Agents of the Realm (Michelle Louis) (an awesome coming-of-age magical girl story)

Alice and the Nightmare (Michelle “Misha” Krivanek) (Alice–of Alice and Wonderland fame, of course–attends Phantasmagoria University alongside other Wonderlandians all training in how to collect the dreams of sleeping humans.)

Ava’s Demon (Michelle Czajkowski) (a girl, the demon possessing her, strange new worlds, and the occasional stunning Flash animation.)

Balderdash! (Victoria Grace Elliot) (Two young witches and their friends get into adventures, figure themselves out etc.)

Best Friends Forever (Mickey Quinn) (a [b]romantic comedy; no longer active but still cute!)

Blindsprings (Kedi Fedoruk) (In a world where academic and ancient magics clash, a forest maiden with an ancient pact sets out to free spirits and rescue her sister.)

Boozle (Sara Goetter) (Friendly for all ages, featuring a super cute cyclops.)

Brain Child (Suzanne Geary) (Paranormal activity, conspiracy theories, senior year of college.)

Broadside (Noella Whitney) (An accidental stowaway on a pirate ship finds more than she bargained for, including an ancient god awoken! Super cute queer pirate ladies.)

Cucumber Quest (Gigi D.G.) (A cutesy story about two bunnies on adventures together)

Demon Street (Aliza Layne) (A realm full of demons, right down the street but never visited by humans, gets a visit from a human boy.)

Fantastique*Magick (Susan S.) (Something’s rotten in heaven. Demons are turning good, and angels are stealing souls, and it’s up to one girl and some unlikely friends to figure it out.

Girls With Slingshots (Danielle Corsetto) (finished but being re-released in color) (Because guns are hard to draw.)

The Glass Scientists (Sabrina Cotugno and Tiina Purin) (The adventures of Dr. Henry Jekyl.)

Goodbye to Halos (Valerie Halla) (a modern action-adventure fantasy comic featuring a completely queer cast!)

Hark! A Vagrant (Kate Beaton) (History, feminism, and silliness)

Headless Bliss (Chloe C.) (Funny, melancholy, dark, thought-provoking fantasy tale of what happens to the stories we create then forget about. By the creator of Go Get a Roomie.)

Highly Experimental Carmen “cammi” Melandez) (The child of scientists who never wanted to follow their path finally gets to be a ‘normal’ person. Also creator of kid-friendly Azu and the Adventures of.)

Hinges (Meredith McClaren) (In a clockwork town where everything is routine, a girl named Orio alongside her (very odd) companion Bauble work to fit in and figure out who they are.)

The Intrepid Girlbot (Diana Nock) (A cute story about a little girl robot who’s trying very hard to be a “good girl” with varying levels of hilarious success alongside her robot friends. Currently on hiatus)

Jailbird! (Leigh Davis) (An INCREDIBLY adorable video-game-styled comic about Jailbird, who is fighting magic that will turn them into a bird permanently.)

Kiwi Blitz (Mary Cagle) (American superheros meets Japanese mechas to fight crime in the not-so-distant future. She also writes Let’s Speak English about her time in Japan and Sleepless Domain, a magical girl comic.)

The Last Diplomat (Cat Ferris) (Samma and Tark didn’t ask to be stuck together, but now they’re partners on the adventure of a lifetime.)

Lost Nightmare (Miyuli) (The next Bogeyman is a little nightmare named Ink who doesn’t want to be a Bogeyman at all.)

Monsterkind (Taylor C.) (A human social worker spends his time helping monsters figure out their problems!)

Monster Pulse (Magnolia Porter) (A world where people get monsters based on attributes–hair, eyes etc. Really cute monsters.)

Monster Pop (Maya Kern) (A slice of life comic about two cute monster girls. Often interactive, involving music or animation.)

Namesake (Megan Levey-Heaton and Isabelle Melancon) (A wildly clever comic about people who can climb into fantasy worlds…but only to follow in the footsteps of those who shared their names.)

Never Satisfied (Taylor Robin) (Two magician apprentices compete to be able to serve their king. The two main characters are nonbinary, and there’s a diverse cast!)

Octopus Pie (Meredith Gran with colors by Valerie Halla) (The misadventures of two young women living in Brooklyn)

Oh Joy! Sex Toy (Erica Moen) (NSFW as hell, with sex-positive, kink-positive, all-genders-and-sexual-orientation-positive information.)

The Order of Belfry  (Barbara Perez and MJ Barros) (A princess in training to be a knight who falls in love. Queer characters!)

Peritale (Mari Costa) (The hapless adventures of a magicless fairy trying to complete a fairytale to gain the approval of her peers.)

Riot Radio (Stephanie Leigh Schock) (A super rad story about girls running a radio show in the apocalypse.)

Sargentum (Charlotte “Lottie” Grange) (One man’s mishaps living with a curse he foolishly got from a witch.)

Solstoria (Angelica Maria) (A young girl decides to become a knight after her brother goes missing.)

Sister Claire (Elena “Yamino” and Ash) (Ash is androgyne; Elena is cisfemme) (A young nun finds out she is pregnant with the new Messiah and must protect it at all costs. There’s also lots of stuff about cats.)

Snarlbear (Natalie Riess) (A young girl adventuring in the Rainbow Dimension learns about friendship, growing up, and punching monsters.)

Stand Still, Stay Silent (Minna Sundberg) (Apocalypse story and follow up to A Redtail’s Dream, which is based on Finnish mythology.)

Star Trip (Gisele Jobatah) (Jas gets a hard lesson in real life when she thinks leaving earth and going space exploring will fix all her problems.)

This is Not Fiction (Nicole Mannino) (A story about love, anonymity, friendship, and growing up.)

Travelogue (Aatmaja Pandya) (A fantasy travel diary with wonderfully diverse characters.)

Trying Human (Emy Bitner) (A secretary gets abducted by aliens and thus begins a love story; meanwhile, a second mystery storyline runs alongside!)

Unconvent (Eszter NT) (A historical fiction piece about a lesbian being sent to a convent to repent. A non-tragic queer love story!)

Weregeek (Alina Pete) (A comic about nerds and roleplaying games and coming into geekdom)

Wilde Life (Pascalle Lepas) (A supernatural/horror tale featuring Native American mythological creatures and a haunted house.)

Witchy (Ariel Ries) (A cute story about a world where the length of your hair determines your magical strength and one young witch is trying to hide her power.)

The World in Deeper Inspection (Reimena Ashel Yee) (A detective whose job is helping the recently deceased find peace and closure.)

Your Worst Nightmare (Sanda) (In a world of monsters, one girl wants to stand out.

Zoophobia (Vivienne Medrano) (A place where talking animals and humans exist, and the mishaps of the one human not in the loop getting used to everything.)

You should also check out my Female Comic Creators Spotlight, as many of the artists there are webcomic creators!

Got a webcomic I missed? Please let me know @Beebidon.


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