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An Artist a Week: Zemer Peled


Week 50: Zemer Peled
“Large Peony and Peeping Tom” (2014)

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Zemer Peled is an artist specializing in installations made from tiny shards of pottery combined together. Her website describes her work as examining:

 “The beauty and brutality of the natural world.  Her sculptural language is formed by her surrounding landscapes and nature, engaging with themes of nature and memories, identity and place.”


Each sculpture looks so flowing and light, delicate despite the sharp nature of the million tiny pieces that encapsulate Peled’s pieces.


Many of her pieces are inspired (and emulate) creatures from the sky or sea. Others look like flowers, featuring that beauty and brutality mentioned above: they look gentle but are not to be touched.


The sheer amount of time that Peled takes for each sculpture is admirable in itself. Each piece of porcelain or fired clay is painstakingly peeled from other pottery via a meat slicer. They are not small installations either–although some are palm-sized, the average piece is about 3 feet tall. As is the nature of sculpture, her works are 360 degrees of detail, installed (usually on wooden bases) in museums to be enjoyed from all sides–including above.


All colors and patterns of pottery are subject to her careful dissection, although many of her spiny beauties are pale, spindly, like bone. There is also a variety of different shapes she has peeled the porcelain into. While some are sharp oblong spikes, others are more like curved petals or irregular flakes of paint layered together to create different dimensions and shapes within shapes.


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