Artist Features

Artists Features: January 2017

As mentioned before, I’ll be putting up some artists for people to check out on a monthly rather than weekly basis. Probably will let me cover even more artists to do a big dump of shorter write-ups on each. Feel free to hit me up @Beebidon to suggest some!


Jarka Fox:
Twitter, website

An artist working in acrylics, her paintings are often abstract, often impressionist, and always interesting. They draw in and almost seem 3D. She’s an artist working to express her passions after quitting boring and unfulfilling day jobs and I love that.



A Canadian artist who seems to only publish her work on twitter (as far as I can tell; full name appreciated!). She creates collages and abstract oil paintings that somehow convey a complete range of chaotic emotions at the same time. They’re impossible to ignore or drink in at just one glance and constantly pull you back in.


Mark Pol:
Twitter, website

An international painter based out of Amsterdam, Pol describes his work as figurative surrealism. There are definite influences of abstract modern art and a variety of mediums, from graphite to ink to different types of paints. His website describes his work as capturing “daily human life, without losing its vulnerability or animal unpredictability.” His work is so diverse that I do recommend his website; you’ll find something you like.


Lisa Salerno:
Twitter, Facebook, website, blog

Lisa Salerno is an artist and art writer/blogger whom I chose for this list because of her paintings (but I also highly encourage her blog, which features artists much like I’m doing here, as well as feminist talks). She deals in spraypaint as well as oils and I’m particularly fond of her “paper dolls” series.


Leah Nadeau:
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website

Nadeau is, perhaps, an unconventional abstract artist in that each of her pieces is actually planned out (whether it’s in her head or as an actual sketch). They’re vibrant, textured, tangible, and bright. Often, her paintings feature literal drips and streaks from gravity, making physical movement of the paint aid the movement on the canvas.


CT Nelson:
Facebook, Tumblrwebsite

CT Nelson is a painter working in canvases that are large (often several feet across) and varying shapes. His works are incredibly vibrant and 3-dimensional, reminiscent of fantastic scenes of dragons, wizards, and magic apocalypses. Other times, they feature shining strings of…the universe? Sinew of muscle? Neurons? They’re a little visceral, multi-layered,  and absolutely fascinating to get lost in.

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