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“What comics can I get my kid?”

Happy holidays, everyone! I’ve been asked several times by friends with kids what comics I recommend for them, and I thought I would make a list of some of my favorites to recommend! A few disclaimers: I don’t have kids. That seems like an important disclaimer. I haven’t read everything on this list. However, I…… Continue reading “What comics can I get my kid?”

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What’s on your pull list?

It occurs to me that I haven’t talked much lately here about what I’m personally reading. (I do often tweet about it if you follow me on twitter!) Some things on my radar (and my current pull list) right now: Snotgirl, by Bryan Lee O’Malley (of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World) and Leslie Hung. It’s…… Continue reading What’s on your pull list?

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Comix Creators Feature: Sam Pedrazoli

“Yo I’m sam, spaghetti-based artist from florida. I’m a 21 year old pansexual NB noodle who’s been dabbling in art for about 10 years. Pronouns don’t matter to me as long as the person i’m speaking with understands my identity.” What do you do? (Write, draw, edit, publish, promote etc.) How did you get started…… Continue reading Comix Creators Feature: Sam Pedrazoli

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An Artist a Week: Kevin Wada

Week 32: Kevin Wada “The Wicked + The Divine #23 variant cover” Find him on Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, Instagram, InPrnt, Facebook, or his website. I didn’t know the name of Kevin Wada until I heard about his Scarlet Witch redesign, a stunning combination of art, comics, and fashion that, well, stunned me. It was so…… Continue reading An Artist a Week: Kevin Wada

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An Artist a Week: “HR-FM”

Week 27: “HR-FM” “K2” (2015) Find him on his website, Deviantart, Twitter, Eyes on Walls, or through his agent Dig Me Out. Japanese artist “HR-FM” is a digital print maker who creates for the motto “the fossil which future people may dig.” In this, he creates intricately-detailed, brightly-colored large scale prints, often involving cityscapes. His work…… Continue reading An Artist a Week: “HR-FM”

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Comix Creator Feature: Mehitabel “Mattie” Glenhaber

I am a self-published cartoonist and student of Comparative Media Studies at MIT. I hail from the Boston area (specifically, my true hippie/hipster homeland Somerville.) I make all sorts of comics ranging from horror to absurdist sci-fi and surreal memoirs, and I get really excited about weird formats for print comics (choose your own adventure…… Continue reading Comix Creator Feature: Mehitabel “Mattie” Glenhaber