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Comix Creator Feature: Sophie Pfrötzschner

“I’m Sophie, a 24-year-old German hobbyist writer and artist, and I create the webcomic Soul’s Journey  in my spare time. I’m present on Twitter @SophiePf_ (me) and @_SoulsJourney (the comic) and Instagram @SophiePf_.” What do you do? (Write, draw, edit, publish, promote etc.) How did you get started doing that? I get to wear all…… Continue reading Comix Creator Feature: Sophie Pfrötzschner

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Monstrous Women in Comics: Early Webcomic Creators

I recently submitted something to the Call For Papers for Monstrous Women in Comics (which you can still submit to until 5 pm tomorrow, September 1!) and it got me thinking a lot about the idea of “monstrous” women–those who deviate, highlight, and live on the boundaries of what is acceptable in comics. We’re talking queer…… Continue reading Monstrous Women in Comics: Early Webcomic Creators